Quality Insulation Installation

Quality Insulation Installation Procedure

Quality. It’s a word used frequently and we understand it is a good thing, but what does it really mean? What sets a company with quality insulation installation apart from the rest?

Enstall Insulation views quality as a four-step process: Plan, Do, Check, Act.


The first thing we do as quality insulation installers is to ensure we have a plan. The plan will ensure we are meeting your objectives as our customer and that everyone is on the same page. For new builds and commercial construction this usually means a copy of the consented plans to ensure we meet the New Zealand Building Code as a minimum. in the years to come. The updated H1 clause of the NZBC also helps meet this objective.

We also discuss with our customers whether they would like to upgrade to improve the comfort of their new home or save on energy. This might also include if the building is aiming to meet any additional certifications, such as HomeStar or Passive House.

For existing homes, we conduct a full home assessment prior to quoting the work. This ensures that the existing ceiling and underfloor is safe to work in and picks up any optional measures that the customer might want to complete; such as upgrading to LED downlights, installing a Ground Vapour Barrier, or installing a higher R-value or double layer system to meet the new H1 building code clause.


This is the easy part. Provided that there is a clear plan in place, our highly trained and experienced in-house teams will get the insulation installed for you. The key here is to ensure the insulation is installed to meet the

Enstall - Professional quality insulation installation for new construction in Auckland

relevant standards (NZS4246), the New Zealand Building Code, the insulation product manufacturers’ instructions, and any other requirements of the customer to meet any additional certifications.

As quality insulation installers, we ensure for new construction that the insulation will pass the pre-line inspection. For existing homes, we ensure the insulation is well installed, safe, and will perform as expected.


When running a quality organization, it is crucial that there are checks in place. Our full-time Install manager is on the ground ensuring our teams are working safely, efficiently, and the plan is being enacted correctly and to a high standard.

In addition, we complete a Quality Assurance assessments at the end of the days work. The QA form includes taking photos of completed work to ensure the standard remains high. Our QA ensures we have an up-to-date picture of where a job is at, and evidence that the work has been completed if required at a future date.

We also conduct more thorough on site Post Install Audits (PIA’s) on a large percentage of our existing homes work. We ensure the insulation has been installed well with no gaps that could reduce the performance of the insulation. It also ensures that all necessary safety clearances are maintained so that our customers can rest easy knowing the job has been done right.


This is probably the most important part of the quality process. We are all human and cant be perfect all the time, so any issues identified in the “check” phase are addressed. Depending on what the issue is will affect how we remedy the situation.

First and foremost, any install issues are rectified either on site or by raising a Corrective Action and returning to site. This ensures the job is completed as it should be. If we identify the issue was with one particular installer or team, the Team Leader or Install Manager will ensure they are re-trained on that particular item. This means we don’t make the same mistake twice.

All issues are discussed at our weekly Toolbox meeting. Our team members often contribute tips, tricks or cool solutions that they have come up with. And we hold frequent Workshops with our installers where individual installers can demonstrate their knowledge and any inconsistencies can be ironed out.


The final part of this is to update any of our procedures that require it. This might mean we change how we “plan” a job in the future. Or change our processes to make a safer working environment for our teams. In short, we learn from our mistakes and you, as our customer, benefit from our experience.

Peace of Mind

So what does all of this mean for you? At the end of the day, our quality insulation installation process ensures that you have the peace of mind. The work we have completed is to a very high standard and you won’t have issues in the future.

If you need any further convincing, check out our Google reviews and see what our previous customers have to say about us!