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ROCKWOOLSupply, and Installation

Thermal insulation, fire protection and sound reduction or absorption.

Versatile high-performance insulation for multiple applications

With ROCKWOOL external wall insulation, living spaces can be made cool, energy-efficient, and compliant with modern building standards. Your building will also gain additional benefits in terms of acoustics, indoor comfort and fire safety.

External Wall Insulation

Outside walls are where thermal transmission most commonly occurs in the majority of buildings.

ROCKWOOL external wall insulation can significantly moderate this – improving the building’s energy efficiency. You will also cut CO2 emissions and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Improved fire performance

ROCKWOOL fire insulation can reduce the spread of flames, helping to stop the the spread of fire.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can provide a key component in fire-resilient buildings. Its fibres are non-combustible and can resist temperatures above 1,000°C. See the attached datasheet for more details.

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World-renowned rock mineral wool insulation

The Rockwool S range is an extensive range of high performance insulation for roofs, internal walls, external walls and floors.

ROCKWOOL insulation also helps slow down the spread of fire, thereby giving extra time for evacuation and rescue operation. Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills.

Insulation solutions for exterior wall systems covers a range of cladding over the building envelope. This includes external façades, masonry cavity walls, and metal frame constructions.

Specialist installation of ROCKWOOL by the Enstall team.

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Versatile insulation, Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)* 0.034 (ASTM C518)

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