Acoustic solutions

For new construction, and upgrading of existing buildings.  Residential and commercial

Reduced nuisance noise and sound transmission reduction is part of the "comfort" of your building

We help your walls and floors perform better.  It’s what’s behind the linings that can make a huge difference – either as specified for new construction or as a retrofit application for existing buildings.

New Construction

- Sound proofing insulation for waste water piping
- intertenancy wall insulation solutions
- mid-floor sound transmission reduction
- acoustic ceiling blankets and baffle stack solutions for flanking sound transmission
- Refective panelling

Existing Buildings

In most instances we can retrofit acoustic insulation solutions to existing buildings.
- Sound transmitting between rooms, such as bathrooms, living areas, TV rooms, bedrooms?
- Noise between neighbouring units?
- Upstairs/downstairs between levels?
- Need to isolate rooms in commercial offices for privacy?
- Outside noise such as road traffic, gatherings, aircraft?

Internal acoustic wall insulation

  • Blow-in solutions leaving linings on
  • Improve the performance of internal walls without the extensive strip down and rebuild

Acoustic Ceilings

  • Reduce sound transmission across the top of walls
  • Full layers and baffle-stack


  • Reduce sound from outside up through your floors of raised buildings
  • Greatly assists reduction in that road rumble

Water pipe sound reduction

  • Reduce sound transmission between levels and between rooms
  • Pipe insulation for new and existing buildings


  • Reduce sound transmission between levels and tenancies
  • Can be installed without removal of ceiling linings

Make your building more comfortable

  • We offer a range of acoustic options to really improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your building - old or new.

A simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you to improve the acoustic performance of your buildings

1. Contact us

Let us know more about your building - for new construction please send us your plans

2. Free assessment

For existing buildings, we will come to you and complete a free assessment, typically within 10 business days

3. Quote

We will promptly prepare a quote for your consideration - offering options including higher performing and cost-effective upgrades. For new construction we will respond based on the specifications confirmed by your architect.

4. Installation

Installation programme will be developed with you to minimise interruption to normal business activities.

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