Sheep's wool insulation for NZ Homes

New Zealand made sheep's wool insulation installed in your home

Installing recycled sheep's wool insulation into New Zealand homes - new or old - means less energy to heat and cool, and improved comfort for you and your family.

With an ever greater choice of insulation on the market and a growing awareness of the many roles insulation plays, it’s worth considering the options for your home.

The use of natural fibre insulation is growing rapidly worldwide.

Eco friendly sheep’s wool is a great material. It’s a natural thermal insulator, locally grown, sustainable, breathable and also provides great acoustic improvements.

The sheep’s fleece insulation we install is manufactured in NZ and combines local recycled sheep’s wool with polyester fibres to create effective, safe and sustainable insulation.

For Existing Homes

  • Upgrade your ceiling with sheep's fleece insulation blankets.
  • Can be installed over existing older insulation

For New Homes

  • Talk to your architect to select eco friendly insulation for your new home
  • A range of BRANZ Appraised wool insulation products are available, we can assist in the selection of products

Meet the new H1 insulation standards

  • Sheep's wool insulation can be double-layered
  • A range of solutions are available for walls, ceilings, midfloors and even underfloors


  • Natural fibres are said to be breathable
  • Meaning they can bind and release moisture over time

Recycled content

  • Reduce waste by choosing recycled sheep's wool insulation for your home

Buy NZ Made

  • The sheep's wool options we install are manufactured locally in New Zealand

A simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you with your home’s performance, reduce energy waste, improved health and comfort;

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2. Free in-house assessment

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3. Quote

We will promptly prepare a quote for your consideration - offering options including higher performing and cost-effective upgrades

4. Installation

Most houses are completed in one day!

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