Operating Protocols

Our systems and protocols are set to ensure we are doing what we can to protect our staff and customers as best we can from the spread of infectious illnesses.


It is our general working policy that no unwell team members are to come into work. Team members are encouraged to use their sick leave if they are unwell. Team members who do show up to work and are unwell, or become unwell while at work, are sent home.

If you remain uncomfortable with us visiting you, please let us know and we can ensure our staff wear a mask.


If the COVID-19 alert level requires, we will follow the below procedures as our minimum operating standards:

The COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for Residential Construction Sites outlines the minimum standards to be implemented at residential construction sites to manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission on-site.

For residential and commercial construction sites we follow the protocols developed by the Construction Health & Safety NZ Accord.

For bookings of existing homes (retro-fit) assessments and installations, our teams will ask you questions about whether anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 and will observe two-metre physical distancing. We will also wear a mask while indoors.

Please help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by answering these questions and maintaining physical distancing.

What about vaccinations?

Like the general population of New Zealand, the vaccination status of our team members is their own private information which we cannot disclose.

As a company, we have actively encouraged our customer-facing team members to get vaccinated. However, in the same way we cannot ask you to disclose your vaccination status, we cannot disclose individual team members vaccination status.