10 reasons why New Zealand homes should be professionally insulated and have good airtightness

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION - External Insulation and Airtightness Professional installation of external insulation and airtightness measures help make…

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A DeepRetrofit Assessment and action plan for a 1960's family home in St Heliers.

St Heliers 1960’s family home DeepRetr0fit plans

A DeepRetr0fit Assessment and action plan for a 1960's family home in St Heliers. “Our typical family home in St Heliers had many things done right,…

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DeepRetrofit Assessment and interventions on a typical 1970’s weatherboard home.

Massey 1970’s 3 bedroom DeepRetr0fit implementation

DeepRetrofit Assessment and interventions on a typical 1970’s weatherboard home. “We bought our first home, a typical 1970’s property in West…

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Sandringham Bungalow DeepRetrofit Case Study

Sandringham 1920’s Bungalow DeepRetr0fit Plan

What might you need to consider when undertaking a typical NZ Bungalow DeepRetr0fit? “We own a bungalow in Sandringham which is typically in good…

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Why professional insulation installation?

At Enstall, we pride ourselves on an end-to-end professional insulation installation service for our clients.  Our regular positive feedback from…

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Blow-in Wall Insulation benefits

What are the benefits of retrofitting wall insulation in New Zealand? Increased energy efficiency: Retrofitting wall insulation can help to reduce…

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Enstall Insulation Extraction

Insulation Extraction

Why remove old loose insulation from your ceiling? Improved Indoor Air Quality: Over time, insulation in ceilings can accumulate dust, debris, and…

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Flood Damaged Insulation

Flood Damaged Insulation We know many in the Auckland region have been affected by flooding from recent storms, and our thoughts are with all those…

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Recycling – It’s just part of our insulation DNA!

Recycled content in the insulation we use. At Enstall, where possible we select products and brands that include recycled content.  Not only does…

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Quality Underfloor Insulation Installation

Quality Insulation Installation

Quality Insulation Installation

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acoustic lagging

Pipe Sound Lagging – why do it?

For Apartments and Medium Density Housing

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Enstall External Insulation Roof Installation

External insulation for new construction

External insulation has not been used frequently in New Zealand - until now that is!

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Mind the gaps!

Stop the (energy) leaks in your home Gaps around your windows and doors are air leaks through your home’s thermal envelope − these gaps allow for a…

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Completing the thermal envelope of your existing home

Insulation is a great way to improve the performance of your home. An improved thermal envelope helps keep the energy you put into your home (heat)…

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Understanding the Benefits of Higher R-Values

The New Zealand Building Code is set to receive its largest update in decades. The H1 Energy Efficiency clause has been updated with significant…

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Acoustic insulation is designed to disrupt sound wave transmissions, reducing sounds travelling from one area to another.

What is Acoustic Insulation?

What is Acoustic Insulation? Sound travels in different ways through walls and floors.  Acoustic insulation is designed to disrupt those sound wave…

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Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion at Enstall

Celebrating International Women's Day at Enstall Our strong and diverse team: 50% of our support & decision team are women 15% of our insulation…

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Earthwool Faced Wind Wash Barrier Black underfloor insulation

Underfloor Insulation Options

Underfloor insulation options - timber construction There are many options to consider for underfloor insulation to the underside of timber-framed…

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ENSTALL - House condition report - Deep retrofit

What is Deep Retrofit?

What does a Deep Retrofit involve? The Deep Retrofit of an existing home means following a plan and carrying out multiple energy efficiency upgrades…

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ENSTALL new build residential H1 changes

H1 Update November 2021

MBIE released the H1 updates on 29th November 2021 - what does this mean? As a specialist insulation installer, we thought a quick overview of the H1…

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Summer time and insulation

Summer is here!

The days are long and hot.  Why should I think about insulation? It may seem crazy to think about insulation in summer when the days are hot but now…

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Enstall Ceiling Top-up - blow-in insulation over existing

Upgrading ceiling insulation in existing homes

My house already has some ceiling insulation which looks quite old. Can I place new insulation over the top? The simple answer is Yes. The existing…

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replacement LED fittings

LED Downlights – What’s the story?

It’s a little bit trendy at the moment to have LED lighting in your home, but is there any real benefit to doing this? The short answer is yes. The…

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1920's Bungalow renovation, from draughty to toasty

1920’s Bungalow renovation, transition from draughty to toasty

How to turn a 1920's Bungalow from cold and draughty to warm and toasty! “My children and I have lived through 10 cold winters in our 1920’s…

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ENSTALL new & existing home insulation & energy efficiency

Are we going to see substantive changes to H1 in 2021?

In April 2021, MBIE released the consultation document outlining possible changes to H1.  MBIE's stated objective of the proposed changes was to make…

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Building for Climate Change result survey respondents

Building for Climate Change

The New Zealand building and construction sector is a significant contributor to climate change. Greenhouse gasses are emitted when we produce…

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Health and safety

Health and safety – it is everyone’s responsibility

Everyone knows the basic PPE gear they are meant to wear on a construction site; A hard hat, steel toe boots, hi-vis vests, and eye protection are…

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Holes in your ceiling insulation is just like owning a leaky bucket!

Gaps in insulation?

Is your house like a bucket with holes in it? Heat energy flows just like water.  Imagine purchasing a bucket with holes in it - makes a better sieve…

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3 tips to reduce energy waste

3 simple tricks to reduce energy waste in your home

The world's energy demands and costs continue to increase. Here at Enstall we are passionate about doing our part to help you reduce your energy…

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Supercharged Underfloor Insulation

Why “SupaCharge” (upgrade) my Underfloor Insulation?

I have assessed or installed many (probably thousands) of Auckland homes. After assessing the underfloor insulation of so many high-value Auckland…

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DIY or professional Insulation Question

Insulation – DIY or Professional?

We often hear about homeowners who install their own insulation. This is a great DIY attitude, but is professional installation better value?……

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