Rentals - HHS Assessments & Insulation

Property Managers, Landlords, Developers, Real Estate Sales

For new houses from plans, and  existing rentals - We make it easy for you

All new rental properties must now meet the Healthy Homes Standards

New rental properties, new residential properties built for rentals and change of tenancies is the trigger to get things done within 90 days.

Enstall can assess rentals and provide reports to confirm compliance with the HHS requirements.

  1. Onsite inspections – a comprehensive ‘HHS’ report following assessment of your property
  2. From Building Consent plans – have your new investment property assessed to confirm it meets the HHS requirements
  3. Insulation upgrades to ceilings and underfloors
  4. Ground moisture barriers installation ‘GVB’

Cost effective

Not only benefits your tenants, but also improves the rental property's value by confirming it complies to these minimum standards

Energy Saving & improved health

Insulation creates a thermal barrier, helping to keep heat inside the rental home in winter and heat out in the summer - resulting in a more comfortable home for your tenants.


HHS Reports from consented plans

  • for real estate sale when selling new homes fas rental
  • for landlords and developers
  • HHS report based on consented plans, no site visit required.

Ceiling insulation

New insulation to meet requirements
Top up over existing, and installation of complete new R3.6


Higher performance underfloor insulation, more than the minimum requirements as standard

Ground Moisture Barriers

GVB installed to minimise rising damp

HHS reports

Comprehensive Healthy Homes Standards reporting for rentals for existing homes and new residential from plans.

Report updating

We can update your HHS reports once upgrade works are completed

Proven experience

We've been working with property managers, builders and developers since before 2016

A simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you with your tenants and landlords;

1. Contact us

Let us know the property details.

For new homes, send us your Building Consent plans including heating installed.

For existing homes, please include best contact information so we can arrange an onsite assessment.

2. HHS Assessment

Upon your acceptance, we will either;
- review the consented plans and heating information (for new homes from plans)
- complete the comprehensive onsite HHS assessment

Typically all within 10 business days

3. Quote for Insulation and/or GVB?

If insulation or GVB is required, then we will include quotation for upgrading including photos of what we have assessed

4. Installation

Once you have confirmed go ahead, we will arrange the install. Most rentals are completed in one day!

Lets talk

Request a quote for HHS reports or insulation

Property managers, developers, real estate sale and landlords, contact us to discuss our processes and to let us know which of your rental properties require action.

Please attach Building Consent plans for new homes requiring HHS reports.

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