LED Lighting

Replace old dangerous and inefficient recessed lights with LEDs

Avoid leaving holes in your new insulation - is this your ceiling?

Maximise your new insulation by replacing inefficient downlights with NZ designed Switch sLEDs.

Save energy twice.  Save heat by removing holes in your new insulation AND save electricity in lighting.

Remove holes in your ceiling before upgrading your insulation.

  • Safety clearances (gaps!) around older style recessed lights is like having a big hole in your roof! Energy leaks out just like a hole in your bucket!
  • Replacement LED lights that can have insulation covering them closes the thermal envelope, and will reduce energy waste.

Modern lighting and a warmer home

  • An 11W LED recessed downlight will deliver the same light as a 50W halogen. That’s nearly an 80% reduction in energy consumption
  • Costs saved (for lighting alone) over that 60,000 hours could be up to $12,000 on replacement globes/bulbs and electricity energy costs.

Gaps are bad

Why leave holes in your ceiling?


Older style recessed lights can be a fire hazard

Unrated lights

Gaps must be left around old recessed lights

Make your new insulation REALLY work

Insulation without gaps

Switch LEDs

Our insulation can cover the new LEDs

Energy Saving - TWICE!

LED's use very little power, AND you will save energy with your heating

A simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you with your improvements;

1. Contact us

Let us know you would like us to assess your insulation AND lighting options

2. Free assessment

We will come to your house and complete a free assessment, typically within 10 business days

3. Quote

A quote for your consideration - offering options including cost-effective upgrades, with LED replacement costs included

4. Installation

Our registered electrician will install the LED's a couple of days before we install your fresh insulation.

Let's talk

Request a quote

It costs nothing to get a quote to replace your LEDs at the same time as getting your ceiling assessed for maximum thermal performance.  Talk to us, we will make it happen.

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