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Membranes, for High-Performance Homes

Airtightness and Weathertightness

Specialist Installation of specialist Airtightness and Weathertightness systems.  Our team have this covered.


Pro clima Intello & extasana

INTELLO® is a market leading intelligent air barrier for new build, commercial and renovation projects. Providing superior energy and moisture control. INTELLO® maximises the performance of your thermal insulation, whilst restricting internal moisture entering the building envelope. INTELLO® utilises Hydrosafe® technology. Resulting in optimal protection against structural damage and mould, even in the event of unexpected moisture intrusion.


SOLITEX EXTASANA® wall underlay provides the best weather protection layer for your walls, under all conditions. It protects the building from wind, driving rain and other external sources of water; while still allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE layer.

Experienced installers of High-Performance insulation and membranes - to really make your building perform as planned

Talk to us early in your project plan about Intello & Extasana

For NEW high-performance buildings

Combined with the installation of high-performance insulation, the correct installation of the pro clima systems ensures your building performs to the designers’ expectations.

Following pro clima’s installation guides, we can confidently work with your project managers and builders in a practical manner.  Talk to us early in your project implementation to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, rework and time delays – it’s all about the sensible buildable designs and then the sequencing of the works!

For EXISTING Homes – upgrade insulation & Weathertighness

Installation of BRANZ researched and recommended quality drainage plane between your weatherboards and the insulation.  Specialist installation during renovations by ENSTALL.

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The pro clima range of membranes and tapes should be installed by competent trained installers.  Our team can assist you with your project, let us know the details.

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