For renovation builders with ‘whole-of-house’ energy-efficiency insulation services

The full range of solutions

When combining existing old structures with new construction, you need a blend of insulation to maximise the performance of the whole house – not just the renovation.

New Construction

Standard insulation installed into wooden fresh framing including ceiling, walls and floors. Renovations are the right time for acoustic solutions as well.

Existing structure

Knitting into the existing structure, including blow-in insulation (linings remaining on) for both thermal and acoustic benefits. Consider upgrading insulation in your ceiling and underfloors.

We understand that one house could require multiple solutions.

Once you have plans, we can provide indicative costings for the ‘known’ works.  Once your renovation project is underway, we know things will change and more of your house will become exposed and also needing insulation.

Our site measure & verification service, working with all parties (including the home-owner) so everyone can understand the benefits of a combination ‘deep retrofit’ with the lasting advantages of ‘new construction‘.

Additional info

Blow-in external walls for renovations

In most houses, we can install blow-in insulation into external walls while keeping internal linings on. The earlier we can discuss the project with the homeowner, architect and builder, the easier it is to include the whole of house in the building consent process rather than leaving it as an after thought.
Also consider acoustic and better than the minimum building code thermal performance – renovations are the best time to bring your home into the future.

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