Why insulate?

NZ Homes should perform better - both new homes and existing homes. Reduce energy waste, and improve your health and comfort.

How does insulation work?

Insulation assists to slow the transfer of heat (energy) through the walls, ceiling and floor of your building.  The better the insulation is the better your building will perform.

The tiny trapped pockets of still air inside the insulation are what is doing the work.  The more little pockets the better.  The better the insulation, the higher the R-Value.  Asking for a higher R-Value means you are getting better performance where the insulation is installed.

Energy leaks out through gaps and weak areas as well – this is shown by the BRANZ house image.

Retrofitting - Existing Homes

Most existing homes in New Zealand can have the thermal envelope improved. Meaning the ceiling, underfloor and external walls can have insulation installed.
Additional Deep Retrofit improvements including windows and lighting will make significant improvements.

New Homes

The current building code requirement for energy efficiency (H1) is very low by world standards. Many new homes are designed to just meet H1.
If you are building, or designing a new home, take the time to improve that house forever by upgrading the R-Values installed.

Thermal envelope

The "Thermal envelope" is the outside layer between the inside of your house and the outside.

Heating costs

Electricity costs are increasing - poor insulation, gaps around windows, single glazing all result in your $ and energy being wasted.

Healthier buildings

Warmer, drier buildings are healthier buildings to live and work in.

What can be done?

Understand what can be done in your home - insulation, windows, lights, gaps?  We can help make a plan.

Climate change

Energy-saving initiatives, house by house, will contribute to mitigating carbon usage - particularly at peak times.

Better for all

Improvements you make to your building is lasting, for you and those who use the building in the future.

What is "Deep Retrofit"?

Deep Retrofit improvements to housing are advanced in Europe and the UK.

Deep Retrofit can be described as an energy conservation measure in existing buildings (houses and commercial) leading to an overall improvement in the building’s performance. It encompasses a whole-building analysis and construction process that aims to achieve on-site energy reduction by 50% or more.  Deep Retrofit reaps multifold (energy and non-energy) benefits beyond energy cost savings and can achieve harmony in energy, indoor air quality, durability, and thermal comfort.


This can be one of the easiest improvements to get going with in ceilings, external walls and under your floor.


Good quality extraction ventilation is the best start – remove unwanted moisture. Improved heat recovery ventilation once the whole thermal envelope is maximised is part of Deep Renovation.


Energy efficient, low carbon heating.

Low energy lighting

LED lighting, low energy use, and allows insulation to be installed over the top of the LED meaning no unnecessary gaps in your ceiling.

Gaps, Windows and doors

Improve airtightness, and upgrade to high performance retrofit windows and doors.


Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof.

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