Technical Info

Autex Greenstuf®

Polyester insulation for thermal & acoustic

Specialist Installation for new construction

GreenStuf® is a thermal and acoustic insulation made from 100% polyester fibre, with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Locally manufactured

Made in NZ by Autex. Assessed by BRANZ as compliant to the requirements of the NZBC.

Specialist Installation

Like all insulation products, this range is best installed by trained installers to maximise the specified performance. Includes a wide range of applications including ceilings, floors, soffits and masonry.

100% polyester insulation

GreenStuf offers a wide range of insulation products available in the New Zealand market. Various specialist products can be installed by Enstall for walls, ceilings, floors, masonry walls, skillion roofs as well as acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Enstall offers a specialist installation service throughout Auckland, to ensure Greenstuf is performing to the designers’ expectations, and in line with the manufacturer’s requirements, and in accordance with NZS4246 – Installing Insulation in Residential Buildings.

Additional info

GreenStuf® Thermal Pads are semi-rigid thermal insulation segments designed to insulate ceilings, internal and external walls and mid-floor cavities.

GreenStuf® Roll Form is designed to insulate walls, roofs, ceilings, floor and mid-floor applications, intended to be layered to stop thermal bridging and increase R-Value.

GreenStuf® Sound Solution® is a thermal and acoustic insulation designed for timber framed residential and light commercial applications.

GreenStuf® Acoustic Sound Blanket (ASB) is an acoustic ceiling overlay to help make spaces quieter in commercial applications.

Designed as a thermal and acoustic lining for concrete soffits, slabs and car park ceilings.

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