Sustainability - not just words

We need to save energy - reduce energy waste

An energy efficient building - small or large - improves NZ as a whole.

It’s the things we do as individuals which will help make our country better in the long term.

Existing Homes

NZ homes have been built to very low standards. Now is the time to improve our (high value) homes and make them fit for the future.

Deep Retrofit includes the thermal envelope, heating, ventilation and lighting. Improving these areas will all contribute to healthier, more energy efficient homes.

New Construction

It’s time to catch up with the rest of the world!

Our building code is lagging behind most OECD countries, our new homes perform poorly. The H1 (Energy Efficiency) clause of the NZBC is under review – why build a house to meet the minimum requirements? It does not make sense!

Check out out New Build and Commercial install services.

External wall insulation

Blow-in solutions to maximise your existing walls - houses pre 1978 likely to have no wall insulation - are you living in a tent?


Maximise your ceiling with R4.0 or greater - this is where most heat is wasted/lost in your house.


Make your underfloor thermally efficient with higher density products that also reduce unwanted air infiltration


Remove gaps around doors and windows, double glaze with thermally broken window systems

Energy Efficient Lighting

Save energy TWICE

Heating & Energy Recovery Ventilation

Complete the deep retrofit and new construction system.  Energy-efficient heating, with effective heat recovery ventilation

What is "Deep Retrofit"?

Deep Retrofit is an energy conservation measure in an existing building leading to an improvement in the building performance. A deep energy retrofit, is a whole-building analysis and construction process that aims to achieve on-site energy use minimization for the building. As a result, your home could achieve a 50% reduction compared to the baseline energy use (calculated using utility bills analysis). A high level Deep Retrofit will make use of existing technologies, materials and construction practices.

For Existing Homes

Contact us and let's see what can be done to improve your home.

For New Homes

Not necessarially 'Deep Retrofit" but we can certainly look at simple improvements to make your home future fit

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