Slab Edge Perimeter Insulation

Specialist installation by Enstall

Slab Edge insulation options

There are a range of slab edge insulation applications requiring specialist installation for new and existing homes.

The Enstall team have been installing slab edge systems since 2016, and can offer extensive assistance to builders and home-owners to plan and implement a quality installation.

New Homes - at construction phase

Review if the project requires the slab edge installed:
- Prior to slab pour as part of formwork set-out?
- Installed to the outside face of the slab.

Existing Homes - improving performance of your concrete slab

Installation options will likely require a site visit to fully verify suiatbilty for a retrofit installation of Slab Edge insulation to existing concrete slabs.

H1 Compliance

  • R-Values of slab on grade has increased as a result of H1 (Energy Efficiency) clause of the New Zealand Building Code, effective Nov 2021
  • Both the Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1 for slab-on-ground are defined in the updated H1 Clause


  • Product Selection options if not specified
  • Slab edge requires a proven durable protection system to endure the rigours of impact and external activities
  • Close the thermal envelope - by ensuring product is installed minimising risk of gaps.

Water Ingress

  • Product selection for specific applications is important
  • BRANZ recommend use of XPS as a core insulating material for slab edge insulation

A simple process

The earlier we can discuss your slab edge installation in your project design or build the better.

There are many considerations around project sequencing and the finishing of the slab edge

1. Contact us.

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2. Free estimate

Based on the specifications in the drawing, and building consent requirements, we will complete an estimate and outline of works for your project.

3. Site Visit

Most sites will require a site visit to verify work processes. This ensures we can discuss the project with the builder and confirm sequencing of works.

4. Installation

Most houses require multiple visits to complete the works in stages.

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