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Insulated Foundation System

Specialist installation of Resene Duratherm Insulated Foundation System - slab perimeter insulation

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Specialist Installation of Resene Duratherm slab edge insulation

Contact the Enstall team to include Resene Duratherm slab perimeter insulation into your project.  We hold extensive supply and install experience slab edge insulation installation.

Resene Duratherm slab edge insulation

Perimeter insulation brings significant gains in energy efficiency.

Insulating the perimeter of the foundation slab is one of the most efficient methods to improve the thermal performance of your home.

DuraTherm does not allow moisture to penetrate the insulation cells.

Take it further!

By insulating the perimeter this will give a relative improvement to the thermal performance of the floor slab. A complete thermal barrier to the weather extremes’ which will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Depending on the circumstances, combining underslab insulation with our slab edge insulation system can result in thermal performance of the concrete slab improving by 100% or more.

The details

– 33mm thick DuraTherm insulation
– Pre-coated & reinforced
– Formed leading edge to keep cladding cavity open
– Mineral adhesive connection
– Tough & Durable
– Thermal envelope
– Thermal Resistivity (R-Value) 1.0 R W/(m2.K)
– Thermal Conductivity 0.033 W/(m.K)

Let us help you by taking care of your installation!

Protected with a layer of hydrophobic, flexible plaster and reinforced with fibreglass mesh.

Finished with the Resene Colour of your choice to complement the exterior.

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Full Resene Construction Systems Specificaitons found HERE

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Resene Duratherm slab edge insulation should be installed by competent trained installers.  Our team can assist you with your project, let us know the details.

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