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Mammoth® Polyester Insulation

Polyester insulation for walls, ceilings, & acoustic - installation by Enstall

Specialist Installation for walls, ceilings and underfloors.

Mammoth® polyester insulation helps create a high performing thermal envelope for homes and buildings so they are warmer and more energy efficient.

Thermal Envelope

Mammoth® thermal insulation improves the health, warmth and energy efficiency of all homes & buildings. It is made from 100% polyester.

Acoustic Solutions

For Commercial and Residential buildings, reduce noise transfer between rooms and levels within the building.

Polyester insulation

  • Mammoth® products are Red List Free – International Living Future Institute.
  • Mammoth® products contain recycled polyester fibres.
  • The recycled fibre used by Mammoth comes from recycled PET plastic.

Mammoth Insulation is a range of polyester fibre insulation for thermal and acoustic solutions.  The insulation is pre-formed and pre-cut into sections or rolls to suit a range of insulation requirements and framing for walls, ceilings and under floors.

BRANZ Appraised as thermal insulation for framed or part framed walls, ceilings and roofs of domestic and commercial buildings.

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Ceiling Insulation, roll form and sections

Acoustic rolls and pre-cut sections for thermal

Insulation blanket and precut sections

Insulation for soffit liners to carparks

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The Mammoth range of polyester insulation should be installed by competent trained installers.  Our team can assist you with your project, let us know the details.

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