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Terra Lana

Sustainable NZ wool blend insulation

A Specialist Product like Terra Lana requires Specialist Installation

Terra Lana insulation is outstanding at keeping your home cosy, that’s because it’s made with sheep’s wool.

A Sheep’s Fleece is renowned for its natural ability to regulate temperature and its exceptional thermal properties. Sheep’s wool is also one of the best insulating fibres for superior noise control and enduring value.

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Terra Lana insulation is backed with a 50 year warranty. The range uses a blend of NZ wool for supreme performance, combined with polyester to add rigidity, so it stays in place, keeps its loft and continues performing to spec.

- Terra Lana wool blend insulation is 100% recyclable.
- The range uses a mix of new & recycled pre-consumer waste wool, mainly from carpet manufacturers.
- Terra Lana's sheep's wool is blended with a percentage of recycled polyester, saving single use PET plastic bottles from landfill.
- Terra Lana is made with low carbon manufacturing.

Terra Lana insulation is a blend of new and recycled wool, bonded with polyester for stability.

NZ MADE QUALITYTerra Lana products are manufactured and distributed from Christchurch NZ.The ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation ranges are BRANZ Appraised.

Terra Lana blends wool with thermally bonded polyester to form a stable, durable product that will perform to specification for the lifetime of a home, backed by their 50yr warranty.

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From basic to high performance.  The Enstall team can install a full range of insulation to meet your needs, including double-layer systems to minimise thermal bridging through the timbers.

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Terra Lana into renovations for thermal and acoustic solutions.
New residential, architectural homes, high-quality on-time installation, by Enstall.

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  • we offer the specialist installation of Terra Lana underfloor solutions.
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