Existing Homes - Retrofit

Whole of house insulation solutions for existing homes

A well-insulated home - new or existing - means less energy to heat and cool, and improved comfort for you and your family.

It will also reduce the risk of illness from damp, cold and mould.

  • 14% of a home’s heat can be lost through the floor,
  • 25% through the external walls
  • and a whopping 35% through the ceiling

See heat loss % of an uninsulated house shown in the BRANZ image to the right. Enstall’s professional insulation installers can ensure your insulation performs as it should.

Cost effective

Insulating while renovating – cost effective, and will not break the bank!

Government subsidies available for eligible homes.


Insulation creates a thermal barrier to help keep heat inside the home in winter and to keep the heat out in the summer – making it a more comfortable place to live.

External wall insulation

  • Blow-in solutions leaving linings on
  • Upgrade your walls when renovating and replacing your internal linings



  • Reduce heat-loss through your floor
  • Remove ineffective and dangerous foil insulation

Acoustic upgrades

  • Reduce sound transmission between levels and between rooms
  • Blow-in solution without removing linings

Ground moisture barrier

Supercharge your house

  • We offer a range of high-performance options to really improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

A simple process

We offer a very simple process with our professional insulation installers to help you with your home’s performance; reducing energy waste and improving health and comfort.

1. Contact us

Let us know more about your house

2. Free in-house assessment

We will come to your house and complete a free assessment, typically within 10 business days

3. Quote

We will promptly prepare a quote for your consideration - offering options including higher performing and cost-effective upgrades

4. Installation

Most houses are completed in one day!

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