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80% & 100% insulation grants for eligible homes in Auckland

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A well-insulated house means less energy to heat, healthier and more comfortable for you and your family.

The EECA “Warmer Kiwi Homes” programme enables eligible homeowners to insulate their homes. This programme provides qualifying eligible Auckland Homeowners* with 80% home insulation grants,

  • 80% from EECA
  • 20% from you as the home-owner

For a limited time, additionally, some homes in specific West and South Auckland Wards may be eligible for up to 100% Grant – no cost to you.

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West Auckland:

South Auckland:

The EECA program provides 80% (and in some instances up to 100%) grants to cover:

This results in homes that are warmer, drier and healthier for those living in them.

Limited Properties

You must own and live in your home. Other EECA requirements may apply. Note that there are limited properties available. Please register your interest promptly below.

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Your house

Needs to have been built before 2008


You need to be the homeowner (owner-occupier)

CSC Card?

Do you have a Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card?

Auckland only

Areas of Auckland that automatically apply includes "Decile 8, 9, or 10 on the NZ Deprivation Index".

Special conditions

EECA conditions do apply, we can assist you with checking your eligibility

Rental properties?

Rental properties do not apply.

Not a problem though! We have special pricing for rental insulation Healthy Homes reports.

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If your property meets the EECA specific requirements we will then;

1. Arrange a home assessment

We need to complete an on-site assessment and cannot complete the quote over the phone.

2. Assessment

Our assessor will need access to all rooms in the house. This includes full access to ceiling and underfloor areas.

3. Quote, including the 80% grant

We will promptly prepare a quote for you. We will outline the 80% EECA grant and the 20% value you will need to pay. We will also confirm other items that need to be completed for us to install your property safely.

4. Installation and Audit

Most houses are completed in one day! After we have completed the install, one of our auditors will need to visit your home to complete our quality control processes.

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