HomeFit Assessments & Insulation Improvements

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Check whether your home is healthy or if it needs work - we can help!

Is your home HomeFit?

New Zealand homes aren’t good enough. All too often, they are cold, draughty, expensive to heat, and make us, our friends and our family sick. HomeFit is a tool from the NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC) to help improve our homes.

Enstall can help you on your HomeFit pathway with insulation improvements as well as your final assessment and report to certify that your home is healthy for its occupants.

  1. Insulation upgrades to ceilings and underfloors, including subsidised installation for eligible homes.
  2. Ground moisture barriers installation ‘GVB’
  3. Onsite inspections – a comprehensive ‘HomeFit’ report following improvements to your property


Cost Effective

Improving your home not only improves its capital value, but in the long run will save on heating!

Energy Saving & Improved Health

Insulation creates a thermal barrier, helping to keep heat inside the rental home in winter and heat out in the summer – resulting in a more comfortable home for your tenants.

HomeFit Certification

HomeFit reports

  • Start with the online Self Assessment to identify areas most in need of action
  • Once you have made your home improvements, make sure you get HomeFit Certified to make sure your home is healthy
  • For homeowners, landlords and property managers
Homefit assessments and insulation improvements

Self Assessment

The first step to HomeFit is to complete the easy online self assessment so you know how your home stacks up - Self Assessment

Improve what you need to

Once you have completed your self assessment, you should start making improvements. We can help with any insulation or ground vapour barrier improvements, or if you don't know where to start, check out our DeepRetr0fit offer!

HomeFit Assessment

Once you have made your improvements, book in with us for a HomeFit Assessment to get HomeFit Certified

A comprehensive check

Our experienced assessors can ensure your home is healthy for you to live in!

1. Self Assessment

Complete your online HomeFit assessment so you know what areas to focus on for improvement!

2. Send us your self assessment

Once you've completed your self assessment, send us your report. We will conduct an insulation assessment and provide you with a quote to improve your insulation and/or Ground Vapour Barrier.

3. Make your improvements

Make sure you make as many of the improvements that you would like before booking the final HomeFit assessment.

4. Final HomFit assessment

Once all your works are done, our experienced HomeFit assessor(s) will be able to complete a full HomeFit assessor on your home.

Lets talk

Request a quote for NZGBC HomeFit recommended improvements and/or full assessment

Property managers, landlords and Homeowners, contact us to discuss our processes. If you have already completed your HomeFit online check, please attach your report to your enquiry.

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