The New Zealand Building Code is set to receive its largest update in decades. The H1 Energy Efficiency clause has been updated with significant changes to the thermal envelope of new buildings. We thought it a great time to discuss the benefits of installing higher R-value insulation into new homes.

Cost-Benefits Analysis

Below is a link to a report from BRANZ for MBIE outlining the reasons for and against increasing insulation levels.

Of particular interest is page 35 which shows a Cost Benefit Analysis of increasing R-values in the Auckland area. The table below is quite telling. In short, the blue bar represents energy savings (measured in carbon savings) while the brown bar represents costs (also measured in carbon). The table shows a big improvement in savings over costs for insulation in both walls and ceilings. Basically the higher R-value you can go without needing to re-design the building or adding more timber, the greater your future savings will be in the future.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Insulation in Auckland
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Insulation in Auckland extract BRANZ


It is difficult to put a dollar value on exactly what the savings will be from upgrading your insulation when building a new home. Every home will be different and how you might use your home will vary. However, the research shows significant long-term benefits to upgrading your insulation.

Warmer, Drier, Healthier!

But improving insulation isn’t just about saving money. It is also about making warmer, drier, healthier homes.

A home with better insulation will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This means the people living there are less likely to get sick or develop long-term illnesses. The New Zealand Government has long been running insulation retrofit programs (currently Warmer Kiwi Homes) to help keep New Zealander’s healthy, along with the Healthy Homes rental requirements.

At Enstall, we think it is a great move to increase the energy efficiency of Auckland homes, and we look forward to the implementation of the new rules at the end of the year!

Enstall installs insulation to new and existing homes and we can happily provide you with recommendations to ensure your home is warm, healthy, and more energy efficient.