A DeepRetr0fit Assessment and action plan for a 1960’s family home in St Heliers.

“Our typical family home in St Heliers had many things done right, but our home still wasn’t performing the way we wanted it to. Getting a DeepRetr0fit® assessment was the right move for us so we could learn more about what was affecting the comfort and efficiency of our home.”

– Mike (Homeowner)

This family home in St Heliers had already been renovated with some solid interventions undertaken such as:

  • Ceiling insulation when the roof was replaced
  • Underfloor insulation throughout
  • Wall insulation where the linings were removed
  • Extraction ventilation in the kitchen & bathroom

The owners really wanted to get their home performing, so they commissioned a DeepRetrofit assessment and report to help get them started.

  • The Deep Retrofit report concluded that there were a number of easy gains to be had:
  • The walls of the attic space facing into the living and bedrooms needed insulation
  • There were a lot of old halogen light fittings that could be replaced with modern LED’s (with insulation safety clearances to be filled at the same time)
  • The existing heat pump was old and no longer heating the living room efficiently

FIND OUT MORE about how this renovated family home can continue to be improved following the DeepRetr0fit plan from Enstall for their 1960’s home in St Heliers.