DeepRetrofit Assessment and interventions on a typical 1970’s weatherboard home.

“We bought our first home, a typical 1970’s property in West Auckland, knowing work would be needed to modernise and improve its energy efficiency.

“We got the team at Enstall to provide us with a DeepRetr0fit® assessment.  Through their friendly consultative process we now have a clear plan to renovate and upgrade our home’s performance.”

                                                              – V Huang (Homeowner)

After purchasing their first home in West Auckland, these homeowners were well aware that their home was old, cold, and leaking energy. Some of the issues were immediately obvious (large gaps around the old aluminium framing and old light fittings), but others required some further delving.

An unexpected discovery for the homeowners was the lack of wall insulation. The age of the house meant SupaWall™ blow-in external wall insulation was an easy and obvious solution.

The assessment also identified that the home’s ceiling and underfloor insulation could be improved. The insulation was installed to meet Government standards for existing homes (such as for rental properties or EECA’s Warmer Kiwi Homes programme), but would fall short of meeting the 2021 update of the New Zealand Building Code.

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