What is Acoustic Insulation?

Sound travels in different ways through walls and floors.  Acoustic insulation is designed to disrupt those sound wave transmissions, reducing the sound travelling from one area to another.

Sound Insulation

When sound hits a wall or floor, some of the sounds are reflected but also some of the sound energy travels through that wall or floor.  In this instance filling the cavity of the wall or floor helps reduce the sound transmitting through it.

Impact Sound

Some sound is produced by objects impacting directly on a building structure or surface, such as walking/shoe noise or furniture scrapping on a floor.

Flanking Paths/Transmission

In many instances, sound transmits through open paths from one area to another.  Examples include;  road noise under the floor of a house;  or speech/music sound travelling through a ceiling cavity room to room.

Structure-Borne Transmission

This is when sound transmits through the structure of a building.  A good example of this is the base beat of the music “thumping” through the walls and floors of a building.

Acoustic Insulation Solutions

Whilst sound insulation does not reduce all sound transmission, applied correctly you can significantly reduce unwanted noises travelling into your space.  The Enstall team can provide a range of acoustic solutions for both new and existing buildings.

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