The New Zealand building and construction sector is a significant contributor to climate change. Greenhouse gasses are emitted when we produce building and construct buildings. Additionally, CO₂ is emitted when we use energy in buildings during their operation.

For New Zealand to reach our climate change goals, including net-zero carbon by 2050, the building and construction sector must play its part.  MBIE’s Building for Climate Change Programme includes Transforming operational efficiency. This framework proposes to set required levels of efficiency for energy and water use. This will also define minimum indoor environmental quality measures for buildings.

Approximately 20% of all energy in NZ is consumed in the operation of buildings. Around 65-70% of the energy consumed in buildings is in the form of electricity. Buildings use slightly more than half of the electricity produced in NZ. Reducing the amount of electricity consumed by buildings will reduce the greenhouse gasses produced by electricity generation.

The team at Enstall applauds the initiatives to transform operational efficiency of NZ buildings and the Building for Climate Change strategy. If you need assistance with you insulation project, please get in touch with us.