DeepRetrofit - A Practical Home Assessment

Unlock the energy saving potential of your home

Understand how your home can be more energy efficient, healthy, and more comfortable to live in.

By completing a practical whole-of-house energy efficiency DeepRetr0fit assessment, find out what can be done simply to improve the performance of your home.

  • a sensible approach to creating an energy efficiency plan
  • understand the best bang for your buck
  • learn more about why your home may be cold and draughty

Start the journey.

With energy prices set to increase, and climate change upon us, what can you do to start the journey to reduce energy waste in your home?

What you will receive.

A comprehensive report

  • An action plan to start your journey to a lower energy, reduced carbon future
  • Assistance and advice along the way

“There is staggering evidence that many homes in Aotearoa New Zealand are not meeting the heating and energy needs of their occupants. Data from the 2018 Census showed that this number could be upwards of 460,000 homes. This negatively impacts the incomes, health, and mental well-being of occupants.  Data from the 2021 General Social Survey showed that just under half of all respondents felt that their house was too cold all or some of the time.”

BRANZ: External Research Report ER79 [2023]

Case Studies

Sandringham Bungalow DeepRetrofit Case Study

“The DeepRetr0fit Action Plan from Enstall gives us a fantastic pathway to make sensible improvements for our family home.”

Darren, Homeowner

A DeepRetrofit Assessment and action plan for a 1960's family home in St Heliers.

“We have already upgraded our heating following the recommendation from Enstall.  Now we are planning the upgrading of our underfloor insulation to the new H1 standards.”

Mike L, Homeowner

DeepRetrofit Assessment and interventions on a typical 1970’s weatherboard home.

“We are already benefitting from the installation of blow-in external wall insulation, as well as changing our recessed lights to LEDs.  The next step of our DeepRetr0fit plan implementation includes draught-stopping and increasing our insulation.”

V Huang, Homeowner

Thermal Envelope

  • Is my thermal envelope really working
  • Does my house meet the new H1 building standards?


  • Do I have adequate ventilation?
  • Am I trapping stale and moist air in my home making it unhealthy?


  • How draughty is my place?
  • Do I have gaps around doors and windows that are letting heat escape, the cold come in?

Lighting & heating

  • Could I save energy by upgrading my heating and lighting
  • Is my lighting safe?

Other energy saving/generation?

  • What else can I do to save or generate energy?

Your Action Plan

  • We will provide you with a simple plan to improve your home
  • This is not an analysis of your energy use, we will provide you with a thorough and practical plan outlining the steps you can take to deliver improved comfort and energy efficiency.

A simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you with your home’s performance, reducing energy waste, and improving health and comfort;

1. Contact us

Let us know more about your house

2. A comprehensive in-house assessment

We will come to your house and complete the assessment, typically within 10 business days

3. Report preparation

Our trained assessor will compile a comprehensive, but simple-to-understand report

4. Consultation

We will talk through with you the areas of improvement recommended.

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