What might you need to consider when undertaking a typical NZ Bungalow DeepRetr0fit?

“We own a bungalow in Sandringham which is typically in good condition with decent insulation, but we wanted to know what we could do to take it to the next level.

“We had already committed to improving our space heating and wanted to know how to get the most out of our new system”

– Darren (Homeowner)

This typical 1920’s bungalow in Sandringham had already taken action on some areas to improve the energy efficiency, such as:

·         Insulation to external walls when renovating

·         Underfloor insulation

·         Gas hot-water califont

·         Heat pump in the living room

·         Replaced some LED lighting

But the owners wanted to know the best area to focus their attention on next. A DeepRetrofit assessment and report was a great place to start.

The Deep Retrofit report identified that there were some significant gains to be made to the fabric of the house by replacing old recessed light fittings with modern LED’s, upgrading the existing ceiling insulation, resolving draught stopping issues and installing whole of house heating and ventilation systems.

“There are hundreds, if not thousands of homes in Auckland just like this one. Owners have started out on their energy efficiency journey but want to know – “What next?”

“Heat pumps are a great way to immediately make your home feel warmer, but without ensuring your insulation and draught stopping measures are completed first, you’re stuck pumping water out of a leaky boat!” 

– Nick Hall (Enstall)

FIND OUT MORE about how Darren and his family are planning to improve their home following their Bungalow DeepRetr0fit plan from Enstall.