The days are long and hot.  Why should I think about insulation?

It may seem crazy to think about insulation in summer when the days are hot but now is a good time.

Simple science makes insulation beneficial in winter and the same principles apply in summer.

Insulation is measured in R-value for its ability to resist the transfer of energy, in this case, heat.  In winter, insulation retains the warmth of your home.  Conversely, in summer, the insulation resists the transfer of heat from outside into your cool home.  Our neighbours across the ditch in Australia regularly insulate their homes to keep them cool.  Insulation works for your comfort and health in all seasons!

Be prepared. Plan ahead. Traditionally, insulation is installed during winter when a cold snap raises awareness of a cold, damp home.  But by asking Enstall Insulation to install your insulation over summer, you will take advantage of shorter lead times and your home will be ready for that first chilly day of winter.

So think summer; think insulation.  Contact Enstall today for a free no obligation quote for a whole-house insulation solution so your home will be all-season ready. 


Rachel T

(Who is Rachel? Rachel is one of our talented customer service team members.  Since 2017 she has been helping customers understand how to improve their homes through better energy efficiency)