We often hear about homeowners who install their own insulation. This is a great DIY attitude, but is professional installation better value?


Enstall has an in-house group of highly trained insulation installers. Our install team meets weekly to discuss quality control and the most effective way to insulate a home. This includes reviewing all of the latest laws and regulations related to installing insulation.

All of Enstall’s insulation installations meet the rules and regulations specified in the insulation standard (our industry Bible) NZS 4246. On top of this we insulate according to best industry practice. This ensures the installed insulation performs to its potential. All of this, along with our quality management and auditing system, ensures our insulation will be installed to the highest standards.


Now, the item that DIYers are concerned about most is the price. It seems like a cost effective, simple thing to install your own insulation. Conversely, comparing the cost of a bag of insulation to the cost of a professional install team, it’s a no-brainer.

Generally, the cost of an Enstall insulation installation is an extra 50% on top of the raw insulation material. Including labour and install, as well as a warranty on the install work!

Enstall’s professional installers complete the install, clean up the mess left behind, and get rid of any excess insulation. In the end, saving you money on buying insulation and minimising waste!


Typically it takes a team of 3 professional installers about 3 hours to complete an average ceiling install. That means as a DIY home installer you’re saving yourself at least 9 hours of hard labour, and to be honest it’s going to take longer. You know what they say, ‘time is money.’

It may seem like a simple thing to install insulation, but trust the guys who are doing the hard dirty work. Some things are best left to the professionals.

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