Everyone knows the basic PPE gear they are meant to wear on a construction site;

A hard hat, steel toe boots, hi-vis vests, and eye protection are all standard, a mask even more important during these higher alert levels.

“This construction site follows all the H&S rules mostly…well sometimes… occasionally…” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The Enstall installer teams know that Health and Safety does not sleep. As soon as our team walks onto a construction site we need to fit into the whole site, working sensibly with all the other trades and specialists. Sometimes that can be a challenge as all of us are under pressure to “get the job done”, and sometimes those good H&S rules are bent.

Our teams work with the site to be part of the solution! That is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest!

As Install Manager, I lead our onsite teams. I ask them to challenge and question, identifying unsafe behaviors and hazardous items before an incident occurs. Our goal is to collaborate with the other trades on-site, working sensibly to get the job done – safely!

Because it takes everyone on a construction site to look out for each other.

Gav W

(Who is Gav?  Gav is our Install Manager, 25+ years of experience in the construction industry with 14 years leading specialist insulation teams. He can confidently say he’s seen and installed just about all types and applications of insulation that are specified into New Zealand residential and commercial buildings)