Flood Damaged Insulation

We know many in the Auckland region have been affected by flooding from recent storms, and our thoughts are with all those families and households. At a time like this, repairing your flood-damaged insulation might not be the first thing on your mind, but it is definitely something that you need to think about.

Insulation that has been damaged by flood waters is recommended to be removed and replaced to ensure your home stays healthy. Insulation that remains wet can cause mould and damp issues inside your home and won’t provide any thermal benefit during winter. If left unresolved it could cause extensive damage to your home.

Flood damaged insulation
Flood damaged insulation

BRANZ Advice

The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) provides some good advice for sorting your house after a flood event. Their specific advice regarding underfloor insulation is as follows:

“Remove wet insulation. Underfloor insulation should be reinstated or replaced after the subfloor is dry to the level required by the current Building Code or the material manufacturer. If metallic foil subfloor insulation is present, disconnect the electricity supply, remove the foil and replace with a Code-compliant product (foil cannot legally be installed or repaired)…

“…Hose down the underside of the suspended floor to remove dirt from nooks and crannies, particularly around the perimeter. Dirt left behind can hold moisture, slow the drying and may cause rotting…

“…Replace insulation under the floor and in the walls. When reinstating insulation, take the opportunity to upgrade to current Code requirements or, ideally, better than Code…”

Or in simple terms:

1.       Remove and dispose of wet insulation

2.       Clean the underfloor (including any mould or fungal growth)

3.       Let the underfloor dry out

4.       Replace the old insulation with new

5.       Take the opportunity to upgrade the insulation to the new standards

If you need help with fixing your wet insulation, get in touch so we can get it sorted for you!