For Apartments and Medium Density Housing

Avoid pipe noise from neighbours in flats and apartments

Apartments and medium-density housing are becoming the norm in Auckland.  Tenants will stay longer in apartments that are warm and safe, but also if the environment is quiet and undisturbed by neighbourly activities – bumps in the night! Sound lagging to pipes can help improve the acoustics in your living environment.

Pipes are a necessary part of a dwelling.  They are generally behind walls and ceilings.  If not treated properly can be disturbing to hear the water flow from your neighbours above or beside you when they shower or flush the toilet.  This should be sorted out at construction timeRetrofit solutions can also be completed.


ENSTALL – Acoustic Pipe Lagging Installation

Acoustic pipe lagging at construction time

The team at Enstall can help.

Our teams hold extensive experience applying sound dampening acoustic lagging to water pipes.  This is a skilled process where the lagging is cut and shaped around the pipes, connection and joins.  A big jigsaw puzzle but one our team can handle.


Midfloor treatment for existing buildings

Fortunately, we have a solution there too.  Blowing in dry glasswool insulation (from above or below) and filling a midfloor cavity can help reduce the sound of water flowing through waste pipes.

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